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The Good, the Hype and the Ugly (2014 a presentation and critical analysis of agile methods; and. He has also authored numerous articles (see publication list ) and edited or co-edited several dozen conference proceedings. 174 showed that the chlorophyte, Chlorella vulgaris slowly metabolized naphthalene to 1- naphthol. In press Google Scholar Acua Alvarez L, Exton DA, Timmis KN, Suggett DJ, McGenity TJ: Characterization of marine isoprene-degrading communities. Google Scholar Vitte I, Duran R, Jézéquel R, Caumette P, Cravo-Laureau C: Effect of oxic/anoxic switches on bacterial communities and PAH biodegradation in an oil-contaminated sludge. It will be important to elucidate the precise nature of such interactions involved in the thermodynamically challenging anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons, particularly identifying the microbes responsible for the initial activation and their mode of action 129.

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Google Scholar Sapp M, Schwaderer AS, Wiltshire KH, Hoppe HG, Gerdts G, Wichels A: Species-specific bacterial communities in the phycosphere of microalgae? Google Scholar Semple KT, Cain RB, Schmidt S: Biodegradation of aromatic compounds by microalgae. The extent to which such multi-species synthesis of biosurfactants may be coordinated remains to be discovered. The nature of this competition deserves more detailed study. This is of particular relevance when considering aged or weathered oils, in which PAHs will be less bioavailable because they are more effectively partitioned within the residual oil phase 105. Google Scholar Vogt C, Kleinsteuber S, Richnow H-H: Anaerobic benzene degradation by bacteria.

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